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falcon safe lebanon

FALCON SAFE provided by Smart Security to the Lebanese market, has been in the business for 30 years now. Making them a big player in the safe business. Falcon SAFE is a name to take into account when you want to buy a safe. So this makes it a clear choice for Smart Security to offer you this dynamite product. Smart Security offers you an assorted range of burglary safes with a mission to keep your belongings safe and secure. Heavy-duty steel is the main meat of the safe. This steel's purpose is to make all thieves quit while trying to open it. Also, they have a heavy build that will destroy the will of the thief and any help they may get while trying to lift this monster. First, the safe's weight range starts from 190 kilograms and reaches a back-breaking 430 kilograms. Additionally, the heigh of these safes has the purpose of taking advantage of the least amount of spaces available. Their height range starts from 40 centimeters and it reaches a maximum of 78 centimeters tall. As always Smart Security has the best deals and products tailored specifically for your benefit. So call our competent operators and have a free consultation to know more.

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