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SALVADO SAFES that value your safety are now available at Smart Security in Lebanon. They have been in the security business providing safes whether they are custom or ready-made for 28 years. Also, they have many awards in the business including ISO 9001, UKAS certification, Korea laboratory accreditation scheme KSG 4500. So with all these awards, is it any surprise that Smart Security would have them as a product for sale? SALVADO SAFES from Smart Security are available in 2 classes. The first class is the fireproof safes. Their height range starts at 20 centimeters and can reach up to 120 centimeters depending on your space. While the weight of these safes ranges from 4.5 kilograms to a maximum of 290 kilograms. The second class is the burglary safes. These safes are fireproof, and they do pack a punch of their own. These safes are heavy, really Heavy!! so you are sure that a thief would think twice before taking one home. The burglary safes' weight begins at a simple 200 kilograms reaching a considerable weight of 420 kilograms. Also, their height starts from a modest 48 centimeters to a sizeable 100 centimeters. SALVADO safes awards are enough to hook you in to buy one. But if you are not yet hooked, knowing that Smart Security is providing them means that they have your back. No matter your need SALVADO safes will surely be a great secure addition to your home or office. So call Smart Security today, and add the security of mind plus benefit from our free Consultation.

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