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58 KG drop safe for business Booil BS-1DD515

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SKU BS-1DD515 Categories ,
SKU BS-1DD515 Categories ,

Out of stock


  • Weight: 58 KG
  • Height: 515[mm]
  • Width: 400[mm]
  • Depth: 400[mm]

The Booil Drop Safe is a compact unit that provides secure storage for cash, envelopes, and other valuables. It features an easy access deposit door with a double row anti-theft “Shark Teeth” baffle system that prevents fishing of contents. This safe has an interior  space 258x388x325[mm] and includes a shelf for organizing contents. The front door also has three locking bolts and an external “Mega Hinge” to securely shut the safe. The contents are safe and protected by a gray carpet mat padding and are accessed through the easy-to-operate digital lock.

This depository safe is made of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel with a powder coat finish. The S&G 1004 electronic lock allows setting up of two user combination codes. It runs on four AA batteries Bolting holes at the back and bottom are provided for easy mounting or locking of the safe in place.


  • Digital keypad lock and Key lock
  • Can set up 2 user combination codes
  • Lock runs on 4 AA batteries
  • Easy access deposit door
  • Double row anti-theft “Shark Teeth” baffle system
  • External “Mega Hinge”
  • 3 locking bolts
  • Gray carpet mat padding

Additional information


Booil Safe (Korea)


Price Range


Safe Type

Deposit Safe


Medium (15 – 60 KG)



BOOIL SAFES the Korean made metal wonder boxes provided by Smart Security will surely take you by surprise. They have been sweeping the Korean safe market for 31 years, taking pride in keeping you safe. As such and knowing how great BOOIL safes are, it was a clear choice for Smart Security to make them a part of their products. BOOIL SAFES at Smart Security classify into 3 categories. The first of these categories is the fireproof safes these safes weight ranges from 37 kilograms reaching 400 kilograms The next category is the Deposit safe and these are split between filing cabinets and drop safes. The filing cabinets are all fireproof to keep your important papers safe and can reach a height of 153 cm. While the drop safes are not fireproof, they do offer a cool feature allowing you to put what you want in it without opening the safe. Also, don't think if anyone can put things in the safe means that just anyone can take things out. Moreover, the drop safes have a height that can reach  68 centimeters and a weight of 80 kilograms. Finally, the third category is the gun safe for the gun lovers out there. These safes are fireproof giving your guns maximum fire resistance and they house 39 pieces each and that is a steal bargain. Now that you have this information, call us at Smart Security and gain from our free consultation.


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