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AMC SPM 20 Sound projector, 20W

Out of stock

SKU AMC SPM 20 Sound projector, 20W Category
SKU AMC SPM 20 Sound projector, 20W Category

Out of stock


AMC SPM 20 Sound projector, 20W Transformer power taps: 20W-10W-5W , 130 Hz – 15 kHz 138 mm x 205 mm, White RAL9018



AMC technology provided by Smart Security is a company that has a mission. That mission is to deliver you the best sound at the most competitive price. Additionally, they have been a giant in the sound industry for 51 years, providing you with the best sound you deserve. So Smart Security provides you with a lineup of devices that are sure to deliver you only the best sound. First, we have the all-time favorite of all sound junkies, the AMPLIFIERS. These babies are sure to boost your signal to a whole new level of awesome. Next no matter how good the amplifiers are they will no deliver without speakers right? Thus Smart Security also wanted to provide you with the best so they also chose AMC speakers. These speakers come in different shapes and sizes depending on your space and needs. And these bad boys promise to bring you the best sound you dream of and need. Then, we have the microphones, whether you are recording or making an announcement your voice will be heard. They make your voice crystal clear over any speaker that they are hooked onto making your presence known. Finally, we have the volume controls they give you total control over the sound you want to be heard, your sound your rules. with all these products at hand, it is now time for you to get the sound that you have always deserved. So call us now at Smart Security, and our operators will provide you with a free professional consultancy.


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