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Cofem SIRAYL Addressable Sounder (with short-circuit isolator)

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SKU Cofem SIRAYL Category
SKU Cofem SIRAYL Category

Out of stock


Cofem SIRAYL Addressable Sounder (with short-circuit isolator)


Power supply 24-35V with polarity
Standby current 1 mA
Alarm curretn 5-50 mA
Short-circuit isolator Yes
Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimensions SIRAY Ø95 x 91 mm

SIRAYL Ø95 x 107 mm

SIRAY + BSLC Ø95 x 95 (high) x 135 mm

Standard SIRAY: EN 54-3



IP protection IP 65
Sound intensity 95/105 dB – 1m (SIRAY / SIRAYL)
Light intensity w 2,4 – 2,3 / 7,5 m (BSLC)

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COFEM distributed by Smart Security is a leading giant in the fire sensors and alarm industry. Their hard work and dedication for 45 years make them a key player in the industry. thus as always Smart Security only features the best products for your safety at home and work. COFEM has a variety of products, and these are top-notch devices with a mission to keep you as safe as possible. First in the line of products at Smart Security are the conventional panels, sensors, and alarms. Moreover, these devices are accurate reliable, and able to show you the general location of fires. Next, we have the addressable panels, sensors, and alarms. These beauties are super accurate devices that have the power to be pinpoint accurate in their detection. All these features are taken into account when Smart Security chooses to install any product for you because you are like family. So call us now at Smart Security, and benefit from a free consultation with our expert operators.


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