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LU-2000bp3 Leather Eagle Safe Luxury Swarovski Fireproof Safe

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SKU LU-2000bp3 Leather Eagle Safe Luxury Swarovski Fireproof Safe Categories ,
SKU LU-2000bp3 Leather Eagle Safe Luxury Swarovski Fireproof Safe Categories ,

Out of stock


Size H W D IH IW ID 145KG
877 502 501 642 344 320


Superior design Safe

Its lustrous gloss accentuate the flowing lines of the safe and make LuCell a design highlight of your interior décor.

Convenient and secure soft-touch buttons

LuCell sensuous design and security functions are enhanced by its convenient soft touch-digital buttons, which become activated only when you use it.

Excellent fire-resistance

LuCell protects all your valuables by keeping the interior temperature below 150oC when the outside temperature goes up to 1050oC for an hour. It has been certified by KS(Korean Standards) and JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards).

Enhanced Security

LuCell is the only safe that passed JAPAN’s JIS 1037, TS-15 anti-burglar test in Korea. Its separate locking module, hidden hinges and wider glass relocker provide even better security against intruder’s attack. A high-sensitivity shock sensor with a 120 decibel alarm protects contents more safely in the event that LuCell is moved or struck.


Additional information


Eagle Safe (Korea)


Price Range


Safe Type

Burglary Resistant (Jewelry Safe)


Heavy (60 – 200 KG)



EAGLE SAFES are now available thanks to Smart Security. It is one of the top brands that always had the customer and their valuables as a priority. As such Eagle Safes are available from Smart Security because they care about you. EAGLE SAFES have a wide variety of safes available from Smart Security. These products range from fireproof safes to luxury safes. The fireproof safes height starts from a range of 30 centimeters reaching a height of 160 centimeters. Also the fireproof safe's weight range from 25 kilograms to a jaw-dropping 670 kilograms. As for the Luxury safes, they come with a very beautiful portrait adorned with Swarovski at the front for those who appreciate fine art. But don't let the beauty of the luxury safes fool you. These too are fireproof safes and they are heavyweight players in the field weighing between 60 and 200 kilograms at a height between 50 and 100 centimeters. In the end, whether you want simple and powerful protection of your valuables or you want to add some dazzle to that. Now you know where to find it at unbeatable trust and the best prices. So call us today at Smart Security and take advantage of our free consultancy service.
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