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280 KG VALBERG BASTION-M 60 Fire And Burglary Resistant Safe Grade II

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SKU BASTION M 60 Categories ,
SKU BASTION M 60 Categories ,

Out of stock


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• Burglary resistance – EN 1143-1, Grade II.
• Fire resistance 30 minutes LFS 30P according to EN 15659 (ECBs) is an additional option made on request.
• Thickness of door – 125 mm.
• Thickness of walls – 45 mm.
• Three way locking bolts.
• Integrated relocker, lock secured from drill attacks.
• Standard delivery with double-bit high security key lock with two keys.
• Anchoring to the floor and back wall.
• Color: RAL 7024 (grey graphite), also available in RAL 7035 (light grey).

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SECURITY Standards

All Valberg certified products are tested for function and durability by the world’s most recognized test houses to ensure the products fulfill your security expectations and meet insurance standards. They are submitted to test with extreme resistance requirements against burglary, fire, firearms, or/and explosives.



VALBERG manufacturing processes are constantly improved with new barrier materials that are slimmer, lighter and cheaper than existing materials in order to reach optimum efficiency and quality.


Safes and vaults are awarded a Grade for burglary resistance. The grading system is important as the contents of a safe will only be insured for the correct value if the safe carries the appropriate grade. As the insurance ratings differ from a country to another, the insurance details shall be checked with your Gunnebo local contact.

Valberg products meet the conditions of the following European standards:

Security Cabinet EN 14450 Grade S1 and Grade S2
Safes, ATM Safes, Strong Rooms and Vault Doors EN 1143-1 From Grade 0 to Grade XIII
Deposit Systems EN 1143-2 From Grade I to Grade IV
High-Security Locks EN 1300 From Class A to Class D


  • To provide the appropriate level of protection, the products are tested to comply with the latest industry standards. Within a test, there are single product features tested, and not only the safe as such:
  • The wall and door barriers
  • The boltwork
  • The drawer sliders
  • The lock
  • The handle
  • Base fixing strength
  • Preparation for alarm installation


Alongside extremely strict standards, you will also find a number of others that are less stringent in terms of resistance (*The UL 72 test doesn’t necessarily involve conducting a drop test).

In American markets, the following UL standards apply:

UL 687 Safe door and front face Class TL-15

Deposit safe

Class TL-30
Class TRTL-30

Safe door and body

Class TL-15X6
Class TL-30X6
Class TRTL-15X6
Class TRTL-30X6
Class TRTL-60X6
Class TXTL-60X6
UL 608

Vaults and vault doors, modular panels

Class M – ¼ hour
Class 1 – ½ hour
Class 2 – 1 hour
Class 3 – 2 hours


The temperature at which data media (e.g. 50°C) and documents (e.g. 170°C) deteriorate differs according to the item protected. In order to fully protect data media, industry standards indicate that products should carry ECB•S EN 1047-1, UL 72 Class 125 or NT Fire 017 60/120 DIS.

VALBERG solutions are also compression tested and fire-resistant products are given thermal resistance tests in extreme temperatures to simulate the conditions of a real fire. For fire protection, these standards vary according to whether you want to protect paper documents, digital media or other highly sensitive objects. This is because the temperature at which data media (e.g. 50°C) and documents (e.g. 170°C) deteriorate differs according to the item protected. Fire-resistant products are certified in accordance with the standards in the table below.

Fire resistance certificates for cabinets and drawer files:




EN 1047-1


Document (P or Paper):

S 60 P (1 hour)

S 120 P (2 hours)


Digital Media (DIS or Diskette):

S 60 DIS (1 hour)

S 120 DIS (2 hours)




NT Fire 017


Document (P or Paper):

60 Paper (1 hour)

120 Paper (2 hours)


Digital Media (DIS or Diskette):

60 Diskette (1 hour)

120 Diskette (2 hours)


EN 15659


Document (Paper)

LFS 30 P (1/2 hour)

LFS 60 P (1 hour)

Additional information


Valburg (Europe)



Very Heavy (200 – 2000 KG)

Safe Type

Burglary Resistant (Jewelry Safe)

Safe Certificate

Grade 2



VALBERG distributed by Smart Security in Lebanon is a top international brand that delivers high-quality safes and vaults. They have an all-encompassing list of around 1300 clients worldwide including Russia, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. With such a widespread of clients that means that VALBERG safes are doing something right with top quality. So it is obvious that Smart Security would be an importer of VALBERG safes for the Lebanese consumer. VALBERG safes at Smart Security classify into 3 grades. Now you might be wondering. Grades for safes?! yes there are grades for safes and it depends on the amount of cash it was designed to protect.
First, the grade 1 can protect Cash up to £10,000 and valuables up to £100,000.
additionally, The grade 1 vaults found at Smart Security are available in many varieties depending on your needs. Their weight starts at a shy 44 kilograms reaching 386 kilograms also their height ranges from 25 centimeters to a height of 124 centimeters.
Secondly, grade 2 can protect Cash up to £17,500 and valuables up to £175,000.
Moreover, The grade 2 vaults at Smart Security are available in a variety of sizes and weights that are sure to satisfy you. Their weight starts at a modest 160 kilograms reaching 1068 kilograms also their height ranges from 46 centimeters to a height of 1,010 centimeters.
Finally, the grade 5 can protect Cash up to £100,000 and valuables up to £100,000,000.
These beauties are certified and tested by top experts to be classified as a grade 5 safe, think of them as the U.S Navy seals of safes. These safes are tough, rough, and top it all they are fireproof. They start at a weight of 600 kilograms and reach a jaw-dropping weight of 1,152 kilograms. Also, their height begins at 68 centimeters, reaching 151 centimeters. Now that you have this information, call us at Smart Security and gain from our free Consultancy to get a more clear image of these products.


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