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670KG Fireproof Home & Business Safe Box ES-700

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SKU ES-700 Categories ,
SKU ES-700 Categories ,

Out of stock


Features of Box ES-700:

  • Weight: 670KG
  • High security, fire-resistant safes in a variety of sizes with several proven certificates
  • 1 hour or 2 hours fire protection certified by UL Class 350 1 hr, SP NT-Fire 60P, 120P, KS 1 hour
  • Three-way main bolt work with independent relocking device
  • Two to three stationary locking bolts on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges
  • Lockable drawer and Adjustable shelf
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • Lock: Digital & Key Lock
outside inside
Hight (cm) width (cm) depth (cm) Hight (cm) width (cm) depth (cm)
 176.9 120.6 65.4 153.6 104.7 48.7
Please Add 5 cm to the outside depth for the handle and keys
يزيد عمق الخزنة من الخارج 5 سنتيمتر بسبب القبضة و المفاتيح

Drawer: 3

Shelf: 3

The ES-700 Safe is a 670 KG, Double Door, professional home/business security safe that offers a High-level of security and protection from Theft and Fire.

While most safes will provide perfectly adequate protection from thieves, a lot of them won’t stand up to natural disasters such as fires. A high-temperature fire accident will damage your valuables in a regular safe. Fortunately, the Eagle Safe ES-700 Fireproof Safe is designed to keep your valuables and documents safe in just this sort of disastrous situation, as it is certified to face a 1000 C fire source at least for an hour and up to 2 hours in 500 C!

Eagle Safe is made in Korea, with high standards in security and safety. At Smart Security, we provide a 3 years warranty on all eagle safes products, and we have free shipping all over Lebanon.

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Eagle Safe (Korea)


Price Range


Safe Type



Very Heavy (200 – 2000 KG)



EAGLE SAFES are now available thanks to Smart Security. It is one of the top brands that always had the customer and their valuables as a priority. As such Eagle Safes are available from Smart Security because they care about you. EAGLE SAFES have a wide variety of safes available from Smart Security. These products range from fireproof safes to luxury safes. The fireproof safes height starts from a range of 30 centimeters reaching a height of 160 centimeters. Also the fireproof safe's weight range from 25 kilograms to a jaw-dropping 670 kilograms. As for the Luxury safes, they come with a very beautiful portrait adorned with Swarovski at the front for those who appreciate fine art. But don't let the beauty of the luxury safes fool you. These too are fireproof safes and they are heavyweight players in the field weighing between 60 and 200 kilograms at a height between 50 and 100 centimeters. In the end, whether you want simple and powerful protection of your valuables or you want to add some dazzle to that. Now you know where to find it at unbeatable trust and the best prices. So call us today at Smart Security and take advantage of our free consultancy service.
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