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Cord Alarm Waterproof Toilet Call Button MY-FK


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SKU MY-FK Category
SKU MY-FK Category


Out of stock


  • Used in the hospital for emergency.
  • With water proofed design.
  • With 1.5m cord.
  • It will be very suitable in washing room to use for calling to master station directly to as the emergency button, when some one is in trouble in washing room, he or she can press this button to call and ask for help, and the calling number will be shown on the master station.



  • Usually the switch assembly in the hospital’s wash room to protect patient’s emergency situation.
  • Digital code mode, can set 4 numbers, it includes with two operate ways of drag line and button.
  • Waterproof design to ensure the switch can work in the moist environment.
  • The emergency call in the wash room, the main host will show vibration ring and number.


Technical parameter:

  • Working voltage: DC18V.
  • Working current: 120mA.
  • Work environment temp.: -10°C~60°C.
  • Remind: ringing.
  • Size of device: 87 x 87 x 17mm.


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