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SKU DS-A81016S Category
SKU DS-A81016S Category

Out of stock


Hybrid SAN

Economical and Stable Hardware Platform

● Modular and no-cable design and SBB 2.0 structure.

● 64-bit multi-core processor.

● 4 GB high-speed cache.

● Four 1000M network interfaces.

● 12G SAS high-speed transmission channel.

● Redundant design for key modules.

HDD Detection and Repair/RAID Optimization

● Detection before operation.

● Detection in operation.

● Fault reparation.

● RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, and VRAID.

● Global and local hot spare.

● Quick RAID building

● Capability of cascading up to two storage enclosures behind a single SAS port.



The Hikvision brand in Lebanon is provided by Smart Security who are one of its leading partners and dealers. We provide over 200 Hikvision products for the Lebanese market. Smart Security company has been presenting after-sale service for over 5 years with direct examination of Hikvision main office. Smart Security ensures a wide range of HIKvision products such as:
  • IP network, analog, and HD CCTV cameras
  • Digital and network video recorders (DVR/NVRs)
  • Video encoders/decoders
  • Video management software
  • Access control and alarm systems
Smart Security is not only the biggest agent but also is a leader in HIKvision solution integration.  Moreover, our continuous after-sale service helped in expanding the brand reputation in Lebanon. Also, we have a committed team for technical support, as well as to keep all our customers satisfied. Additionally, to protect the person you love or for your workplace,  Smart Security each year adds new success in the field. Proof of this, we have smart integrated security systems solutions with lower cost. In short: better service for clients.
  • Unified hardware and interface
  • Unified user data
  • Shared software & hardware resources
  • Improved management strategy
  • Better business intelligence
  • Lower maintenance cost
On the other hand, our trusted brand HIKvision is considered a leader in this field. Then, you will enjoy access to various multi-technical and commercial resources and services in our company. Finally, our Smart Security Company employed licensed and highly trained staff, so that we can stay in contact with our loyal customers.


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