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ELKRON UIR200 wireless infrared alarm radar detector

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SKU UIR200 Category
SKU UIR200 Category

Out of stock


Wireless infrared detector (radar) (frequency 868.35 Mhz) compatible with the ELKRON UCR200 alarm center. Indoor use.

  • Detection range: 12m at 90 ° angle
  • Self-monitoring on opening
  • Power supply: 2 AA / LR06 alkaline batteries supplied
  • Indicative battery life: 2 years with 20 daily activations
  • Low battery detection
  • Dimensions: 120x74x55mm

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Elkron (Italy)

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Elkron distributed by Smart Security is the world leader in the alarm systems industry. They are always innovating products that provide you with the best protection on the market. With over 12 Quality labels and 20 registered patents, you can be sure that they are industry giants. Additionally, the products that Elkron makes can be found in 30 countries and millions around the world trust them. Also, their 45 years of experience in the industry means that they know how to get things done right. Moreover, the products they produce are all user friendly. Thus it was natural for Smart Security to showcase these products because they know that they can protect you. In a word, because of their long experience, Smart Security trusts Elkron products, and so should you. The sensors at Smart Security will keep your homes and businesses safe. There are many kinds of sensors available, and all are sure to satisfy your need for quality and Security. Therefore it is up to you to boost your home or business to the next step of safety and security. So call us today at Smart Security and let our experienced operators help you make the best selection for your needs.


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