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Elkron URMET Wireless Intrusion Alarm Kit- Loud Siren with Landline Dialler- for home and business

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

SKU Kit-Alarm-Elekron-Wireless Category
SKU Kit-Alarm-Elekron-Wireless Category

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Providing the ultimate protection for your office or house, without worrying about all the cabling and hard work! this new all in one intrusion alarm kit is all you need. In the case of any suspicious movement or attempt of force entry, the system will notify you and set off an alarm loud enough to keep any burglars away. Set it up in no time and keep what and who you care about Safe!

What’s in the kit?

1 x All in one alarm panel with keypad and Landline dialer

1 x Remote Control to arm and disarm the Alarm System

1 x Top Quality Professional Wireless PIR Detectors

1 x Wireless Live Bell Box, Warning Light & Strobe

1 x Wireless Magnetic Door Contact


This PROFESSIONAL and RELIABLE high-quality Wireless intrusion alarm kit, is ideal for homes, businesses, or factory units as recommended by alarm installers. This kit is one of our best-selling and most efficient intrusion alarm systems across Lebanon, trusted by thousands of retailers, corporates, and household units.

It features a fully programable 4 Zones, with an LED keypad for programming and logs.

The kit includes PIR detectors that are suitable for harsh environments and provide minimal false alarm warnings. The detectors feature a maximum detection range of 12 Meters. In addition, sealed optics provide additional reliability and a selectable operation LED on or off.

The kit also includes industrial and heavy-duty surface mounted door contacts. Thanks to the wide operating gap of 40mm these contacts can be used to protect both metal and wooden doors as well as windows and large industrial doors. They are made of plastic and have 5 connection terminals, 2 for the alarm and 2 for the tamper, and 2 for termination of extra cores.

The intrusion alarm kit also includes a VERY LOUD, LIVE bell box with a sleek and modern design. The siren is 115db, and comes along a strobe, back up battery, warning/comfort lights, and is fully tamper-proof.



The landline autodialer in the kit can hold up to 6 pre-programmed numbers of your choice. In the case of any suspicious movement or force break attempt, the autodialer will automatically dial all pre-saved numbers to notify them. This kit combines ease of installation, the highest level of efficiency, and the maximum possible safety.

You’ll be able to set it up yourself following the instructions provided within the setup and installation guide.

Product description

A kit comprising a central unit, a radio remote control for commissioning, an infrared detector, and an opening contact.
30-channel wireless control
panel with integrated Landline dialer

Sirene: power 104dB at 1M.
Communication frequency: 868.35 MHz.
Range: 300 meters in the open field.
6 telephone numbers for transmission of alarms.
Digital communication protocol: Contact ID.
Sending SMS messages (alarm & MES-MHS)
Recordable voice messages (max. 20 sec).
arming and disarming via SMS Controllable remotely by the My CR200 application.
2 x 16 character backlit liquid crystal display.
Detection and display of faults.
Self-monitoring at the opening.

Detection range: 12 meters at an angle of 90 °.
Self-monitoring at the opening.
Power supply: 2 AA / LR06 alkaline batteries supplied.
Low battery detection.
Indicative battery life: 2 years with 20 daily activations.
Dimensions: 120 x 74 x 55 mm.

Low battery detection.
Input for wired detectors.
Large spacing 30 mm.
Self-monitoring upon opening and removal.
2 AAA / LR03 alkaline batteries supplied.
Battery life: 2 years based on 20 daily activations.
Dimensions: 135 x 33 x 22mm.

4 buttons: Arming / Partial arming / stop / distress.
Protection index IP41.
1 transmission indicator.
Low battery detection.
1 CR2032 lithium battery supplied.
Indicative battery life: 2 years with 4 daily activations.
Dimensions: 63 x 36 x 11 mm.

Additional information


Elkron (Italy)

Device Type

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Dialer Type

GSM, Landline


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