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  • Grade III Approved Safe
  • Grade III Approved Safe
  • This series has been designed to meet the test standard for safes EN 1143-1, obtaining safety levels III.
  • The tests have been carried out in the Spanish LGAI laboratory and the products certified under the AENOR brand
  • Class II key lock Vds / B EN 1300. Maximum 3 locks.
  • External Measurements (H x W x D): 1350 x 775 x 630 mm
  • Internal Measurements HxWxD): 1190 x 620 x 400 mm

The 800 Europa Series has been developed to comply with the EN-1143/1 European standard for safes. These models have been tested and certified by Aenor and Applus and have been awarded Grade III. Our manufacturing process has been certified by Aenor and Applus, guaranteeing that the delivered product has the same construction features as the tested one.



Each grade has a different armour, made up by high resistant composite materials, with metallic fibres, which provide them with great mechanical and thermal resistance. The wall thickness is 80 mm.


The door thickness is 150 mm, including the closing system. The armour thickness is 80 mm. The door is put up through a pivoting double hinge joint on two shafts with autolubricated bearings, what allows the door to open 180º.
On the hinges side, a tongue and groove linear outline against removal stops its opening in case of a lateral or hinges attack, blocking the whole door (upper, lateral and lower parts) with mobile bolts. 

Locking Devices

The closing mechanisms are distributed throughout the surface of the door and operate individually on powerful cylindrical bolts of Ø 30 mm (40 mm for model CF-880). The number of the bolts varies according to the grade and model of the safe. 
Anti-drilling protection of the sensitive zones of the mechanisms, bolts, reblockers and locks. There is an additional protection on the lock, based on a security tempered glass. 

Re-locking Devices

In the event of an attack, several automatic re-locking systems condemn all the locking devices.


  •  Mechanical or electronic combination lock
  •  Time delay lock
  •  Tele management electronic lock
  •  Double intervention
  •  Alarm connection
  • Key-lock cupboard
  • Shelf
  • Pullout shelf
  • Lockers, grade B
  • Kit for guns and weapons
  • Ink staining system
  • Anti gas system
  • Fire kit
External dimensions (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Occupation sizes (mm) Weight (Kg) Shelves
Model High Width Depth High Width Depth C D F L * Grade III
CF-812 950 610 540 790 455 310 1015 405 1030 605 540 111
CF-815 1100 675 610 940 520 380 1145 470 1165 675 695 186
CF-817 1225 725 620 1065 570 390 1245 520 1225 685 810 237
CF-820 1350 775 630 1190 620 400 1345 570 1285 695 910 295
CF-830 1520 840 610 1360 685 380 1475 635 1335 675 1095 354
CF-850 1700 880 680 1540 725 450 1555 675 1445 745 1405 502

Additional information


Ferrimax (Europe)


Price Range


Safe Certificate

Grade 3

Safe Type

Burglary Resistant (Jewelry Safe), Fireproof


Very Heavy (200 – 2000 KG)



FERRIMAX safes offered by Smart Security is a Spanish company that produces one of the best quality safes. They have over 40 years of experience in the field of physical security testifying for the quality of their products. Moreover, they serve people who value the need for a good safe like banks, jewelers, and service stations. Thus Smart Security was sure to include them in their line of safes for customers that value the safety of their items. Smart Security offers safes that have a grade 3 rating. These safes are made to protect a cash amount of 35,000 and valuables of 350,000 FERRIMAX safes are made to deter burglars from even thinking of trying to break them. Because they take a lot of time to even try and break into them, then there is the problem of their weight. How much do these safes weigh you ask? well, the smallest one at Smart security weighs 695 kilograms, while the heaviest weighs an astonishing 1,405 kilograms. How about that for stopping power? Then there is the matter of height. These bad boys start at a height of 95 centimeters and reach a maximum height of 170 centimeters. So with all these specs what are you waiting for? Call us now at Smart Security and get in touch with our professional operators to get a more in-depth idea.


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