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HDD Hard drive WD purple 6TB

Out of stock

SKU WD-SG 6TB Category
SKU WD-SG 6TB Category

Out of stock


The HDD Hard drive WD purple 6TB provided by Smart Security in Lebanon is an important part of any CCTV system.

Besides, this hard disk drive is suitable for cryptocurrency mining thanks to its strong build.

Additionally, Western Digital produces some of the best data storage devices in the world. Likewise, their hard drives provide you with the quality and fast performance needed.

Moreover, any security system and CCTV installer must know the worth of a good data storage device. Thus, it is important to have a great hard drive to record what the security camera captures.

Furthermore, the purple version of these hard drives can specifically handle writing large amounts of data for a long time. Consequently, they will last longer and provide you with the performance that you need

Besides, when you talk about space and the speed needed to write and access data then you need to get one of these hard drives. Because Handling sensitive data can only be possible using the best hard drives.

In the same way, when talking about storage space these purple drives provide great data storage space. To illustrate, you can record videos for days weeks, and even months using this device.

Besides that, the hard disk is made in such a way that it can tolerate long periods of continuous work. Even so, you can expect great performance and functionality at all times.

Even so, the device provides all that in a compact 3.5-inch scale that fits in all DVR and NVR devices.

Thus, Getting the HDD Hard drive WD purple 6TB will be a good investment for the safety of your home and company for the years to come.

So Call us now at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you with a free consultation.

Indeed, thanks to the storage space it will allow you to record all the data you need for days and weeks.


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WESTERN DIGITAL hard disk drives distributed by Smart Security is the number 1 brand specialized in storage device products. the brand holds the top position in the market for 63 plus years for a reason. Because WESTERN DIGITAL technology was a major player in getting the U.S.A to the moon. Furthermore, their products are helping millions around the world keep their information safe whether it be for family or work. In addition, you can find their devices in almost all aspects of life that need a hard disk from laptops to security video recorders. They own many sister brands that you use and trust every day including SanDisk SD cards. That is reason enough to let Smart Security provide you this brand because they are the best, and you deserve it. whether you want to expand, replace or add storage your devices are going to thank you for using WESTERN DIGITAL. Thus your Security and memories are safe when you buy from us because we only use and provide the best. So call us today at Smart Security and let our operators will gladly help you with a free consultation.


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