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ZKTeco LPRS1000 top-class license plate recognition algorithm

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SKU LPRS1000 Category
SKU LPRS1000 Category

Out of stock


License Plate Recognition Parking Management

Industry-leading LPR Algorithm
Automatic License Plate Recognition Mode
Parking Management Software

LPRS1000 adopts a set of independent research and development of top-class license plate recognition algorithm and combining with years of experience in industrial application. No need to stop, and no need to swipe card. Quick access to the parking lot of the automatic license plate recognition mode, provides users with more intelligent, more convenient, more perfect experience.

LPRS1000 integrated with license plate recognition camera, LED display, voice broadcast, fill light, fixed base and other integrated structure, and has a simple and elegant appearance and multi-functional design. It is convenient for the installation of the engineering business and gets rid of the large ticket box, which is widely used in parking lot management.

Industry-leading LPR Algorithm

Dr. team for algorithm development
License plate recognition accuracy is over 99.7%
License plate recognition speed is less than 200 ms
Automatic License Plate Recognition Mode

No need to stop and swipe card
Quick access to the parking lot
More intelligent, more convenient, perfect user experience
Parking Management Software

Customizable diversity of parking charging rules
Can export various financial statements
Localized Display and Voice

Real-time display of license plate number, time record, remaining empty parking spaces, parking fee, and other information
Localized voice broadcast
Easy Installation and Connectivity

Camera, LED display, voice broadcast, fill light, fixed base as integrated design
Applicable to Outdoor

Camera: IP65
Integrated machine: IP54


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ZKTECO distributed by Smart Security is the leading company in delivering biometric and access control devices to the world. They make the products that keep your company secure and working like a well-oiled German machine. Of course, their 16 plus years in the industry of fingerprint and biometric access controls give them that popularity. In addition, being present in 25 plus locations world-wide where they provide their services, indicates that as well. ZKTECO products have gained more than 11 awards both national and international. Also Major companies like KFC, Mac Donalds, and Mercedes Benz to name a few use their products to keep them safe and running. At Smart Security, we provide you with these products, because we know that you want the best. Thus we have a great lineup of products that range from fingerprint readers, access controls. Moreover, we have the beast in attendance machines the multi-biometric access controls. So if you want your company to be in the best shape it can be in. Call us now at Smart Security and let our professional team help you get the best solution for your needs.


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