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SKU 1811407 Category


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Details & specifications


Nina Timer io, the new centralized remote control with all the advantages of Nina, plus the timer function. More comfort, more security and more energy savings, naturally.

  • Naturally Intuitive: Like a natural extension of your hand
    • With a simple touch of the screen you can select, control, integrate, memorize, and position all of the equipment in your home:
      • Control equipment individually or as a group
      • Configure and personalize the interface to suit your house
      • Precise control
      • Create personalized scenarios and let Nina Timer manage them automatically. Take back the control whenever you want.
      • Natural Control function (Exclusive function of Somfy): Once you’ve set up the interface, just press on the screen to control any piece of equipment. With one simple gesture…like magic.
  • Naturally Attractive: In perfect harmony with your aesthetic
    • A sleek and sensual object with ergonomic curves and a soft touch.
    • A designer accessory that perfectly blends into your environment.
    • Even the finishing touches can be personalized: choose from 5 different materials for the case, in chic and elegant shades.


  • Timer function: A new way to bring harmony to your daily life, intuitively
    • Program your typical days’ scenarios in “portrait mode”
    • Let Nina Timer in “landscape mode” control your home equipment according to your programmed scenarios, keeping always an eye on the upcoming automated actions in the day, and in the week.


  • Clearly adaptable: Nina Timer, evolving to meet your need
    • Blinds, shutters, garage door, gate, lights, alarm, Velux, pergola…Nina Timer recognizes and helps you adjust and control all of your equipment, to provide ultimate comfort in your home.
    • Nina Timer uses io-homecontrol® technology for enhanced ease and performance.

Dimension and Weight:

Length (L3) : 159,8 mm

Width : 68 mm

Height : 69,9 mm

Technical characteristics
Radio Frequency io 868-870 MHz
Range in open field 250
Capacity of memory Multi
Nominal Voltage / Frequency 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Color / Finish Black
Protection Index IP 20


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Somfy (France)

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