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Smoove 1 RTS Pure Shine


Out of stock

SKU Smoove-1-RTS-Pure-Shine Category
SKU Smoove-1-RTS-Pure-Shine Category


Out of stock


Clear Interaction:

  • A discreet audible signal and light indicator
  • Whenever you select a movement of action, Smoove emits an audible click and provides visual feedback

Touch Sensitive Technology

  • The feeling of touch
  • Smooves touch-sensitive design follows the current popular trend for innovative touch-sensitive products

Neat & Tidy:

  • A simple, elegant design, which even fits standard electrical boxes
  • Installing the Smoove couldnt be easier. As it is battery powered you can install directly onto the wall, but you can also fit it to a standard electrical box.

Natural Movement:

  • With touch-sensitive technology, Smoove interacts fluidly, intuitively and naturally with the home environment

The Smoove switch frames are available in eight different finishes – Pure, Silver, Silver Matt, Black, Light Bamboo, Amber Bamboo, Cherry and Walnut. Choose your frame to match your decor!


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