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Somfy motion Detector for Small Pets RTD


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SKU 2400989 Category
SKU 2400989 Category


Out of stock


The Somfy motion Detector for Small Pets RTD for homes with dogs provided by Smart Security in Lebanon is a great detector to detect human movement in your home.

Moreover, this detector Makes sure your small pets don’t trigger your security alarm.

Additionally, the detector is an easy-to-install device that is suitable for use with pets larger than 40 cm.

Accordingly, the Somfy Movement Detector is ideal for use inside your home.

Furthermore, the built-in filter helps keep your home secure while ensuring your large pets do not trigger any security signaling.

This easy-to-install device should ideally be fitted at a height of 2.10 meters and is suitable for use with pets smaller than 40cm. For pets larger than 40cm, our Movement Detectors for Large Pets are available.


Features Somfy motion Detector for Small Pets RTD:

  • Somfy Movement Detector for Small Pets RTD
  • Easily install this Somfy Movement Detector inside your home to ensure your small pets do not trigger your home’s security signaling
  • Built-in filter secures your home while recognizing pets (up to 40 cm in height) as non-threatening
  • The detector can be installed at a height of 2.10 – 2.40 meter in rooms where your small pets are present


Technical Details


Thus, getting this detector is a great investment for your Smart home to help secure your home and rooms safer. Even more, imagine having peace of mind that you are safe from intruders during the night.

So, call us today at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you make the best choice for your smart home in Lebanon.


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