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XDS SUV package protective film for SUV glass protection full installation


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Out of stock


The XDS SUV package offered by Smart Security in Lebanon is the best deal to make your SUV safer.

Moreover, the XDS protective film provides glass strengthening, and shatter protection.

Additionally, the XDS is guaranteed not to crack or peel, keeping you satisfied safe.

Certainly, the XDS film will set in completely within 45 days of installation.

Therefore it will become a part of your glass and your shield against accidents.

Likewise, you will no longer worry about danger from shattering glass or thieves trying to break into your car through the windows.

Furthermore, XDS has a pass certification from many reputed test labs that test the effect of forceful impacts on glass.

The XDS has pass certificates from the following places:

  • Oregon Ballistic Laboratories, LLC
  • Indian Ministry of Defence
  • ARAI Automotive Research Association of India

Essentially, these labs testify that the product is able to keep you safe by stopping your glass from shattering.

Add to that, the product is so good that it has been installed in many famous places including the pentagon and the capitol building in the United States.

In conclusion, this means that if the government of the United States has faith in XDS then so should you.

Thus, the XDS SUV package protective film for car glass protection full installation is a great investment to keep your SUV safe from any kind of forceful entry or accident.

So, if you are looking for a great way to make your glass shatterproof call us now at Smart Security and let our professional operators help you with a free consultation.

إن ال أكس دي أس هو عبارة عن طبقة عازلة تعطي زجاجكم القدرة والصلابة الكافية لتحمل الصدمات الكفيلة بكسر الزجاج حائز على شهادات عديدة من مختلف المختبرات العالمية ويضمن ال أكس دي أس بأنه لن ينكسر أو يتقشر مع مرور الوقت


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